Friday, August 27, 2010


Do not remove the paper backing from the adhesive side of the vinyl. Position the vinyl (paper backing side) on the mat. Smooth out the vinyl with your fingers, especially at the edges. Load the mat with the vinyl on it into you Cricut. Set your blade at 3 and the pressure dial to 2. You only want to cut the vinyl but not the backer. If you cut the backing it will be harder to tear the backing off. If your settings are correct, the blade will have cut through the vinyl but not the paper backing. Try a test on a small piece before inserting your vinyl. Program your Cricut with the pattern or letters you want to cut and press "Cut." Once the blade has finished cutting you can now unload the paper and peel up the leftover piece of vinyl from the mat leaving only your design. Press a piece of clear contact paper onto the design. Using either your finger or a bone folder smooth the contact paper to the vinyl and try to get out the bubbles that form and peel away the backer. Only the vinyl will be stuck to the contact paper. Press the contact paper to the wall mirror or anything flat. Rub your fingernail over the vinyl and peel back the contact paper carefully. Smooth out those bubbles and there you have it.

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