Friday, August 27, 2010

Cricut Markers

Most people think the markers are for shading or coloring in their cut. They are used for outlining or shading images. To use your markers: Set the speed dial at 3 and the pressure dial at 2. If you are looking for a thicker or more bold outline you can always set the pressure dial at a higher number (the higher the number the thicker or bolder the outline will be. Select an image and depress the “cut” button. When your marker is finished drawing and you would like to cut the image, carefully remove the marker (I place a piece of paper under the marker) so it doesn't make a mark on the paper and carefully reinstall the cutting blade. Depress the "Load Paper, Repeat Last and Cut" buttons and the image you just drew with the marker will now be cut out. Your cut out image should now be outlined by the marker.

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